Welcome to our Feature Updates article where we share the recent changes, fixes, and releases that our Engineering team is crafting and pushing into production every week. Check back each Friday afternoon for the latest updates for the current month!

MAY 21, 2021

Releases & Upgrades:

  • Updated Address Change - Following our recent move, we've updated the records across different Lulu platforms to indicate our new PO Box address.
  • Expanding Resources - We are continuing to develop and release new resources, including our Glossary of Publishing Terms, and hope to integrate additional features like embedded videos on relevant pages in the future.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements to Invoice Details - Adjustments have been made to clearly indicate the proper data available for downloadable invoices.

MAY 14, 2021

Releases & Upgrades:

  • Updated icons and functionality of the publishing tool navigation header - Minor adjustment were made to include a new unlock icon for steps that are incomplete. The pencil icon now only shows on the active page when the page is incomplete and there are no longer steps without an icon.

Incomplete Page:

Active Page is Incomplete:

  • Added more detailed messaging for disabled fields - In the publishing process there are various reasons a user cannot modify a field. Previously the reasons provided were fairly generic. More granular and specific reasons have been added to better inform users. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Update Sign In Information Button - A bug that was preventing users from making changes to their account sign in credentials. 
  • Publishing Time Issue - Users who may have experienced delays in publishing process should no longer be impacted by this error message. Projects should finalize as normal and the normalization process can be reset by uploading the interior file again.

MAY 7, 2021

Releases and Upgrades:

  • Updated Store Categories on - the Lulu Bookstore received a product category refresh to bring the store categories in line with contemporary book categories. This also updated existing projects to match the category update. 

Check out the table below to see what changed: 

Previous Lulu CategoryNew Lulu Category
Fiction - Children
Computers & InternetComputers & Technology
Love & RelationshipsFamily & Relationships
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction + Fantasy

Diet & HealthHealth & Fitness

Self-ImprovementPersonal Growth
Religion & Spirituality
Religion & Spirituality
Medicine & ScienceScience & Medicine
LGBT Studies
Political Science
Social Science
Sports & AdventureSports
TravelTravel & Adventure
Fiction - Teens
Young Adult

  • Best Seller Store Feature - Buyers can now sort their bookstore search results by Best Seller (based on the past 30/90 days) Simply click the Sort by option located at the top right section of the search page in the Sort dropdown.

  • Improvements to 'No Results' Searches - Before it stated no results were found, users received an empty page that said No search results. Now, the Refine Results sidebar will always remain active, even with empty search results. You will also be alerted to Show Explicit Content via age verification if your empty search results is due to hidden explicit content.

    Additionally, we now show customers additional search results if their initial search returned explicit content and they did select to view explicit content

  • Author Spotlight Page Enhancements- We've made some cosmetic adjustments to the Author Descriptions and Publications text, including the addition of the Title List Price. Additionally, the following was adjusted:
    • Removed the pen icon before the contributor names
    • Hid 3rd party link icons (think Facebook icon) if the Author did not actually provide a link.
    • Added the list price

We will be adding the project format to each project soon!

Bug Fixes:

  • Missing Contributors - Fixed a bug that was not displaying any contributors in the Search Results page or Product Page heading when no "Author" role contributor was found on the product.
  • Ebook Project stuck on File Upload - Fixed a bug that was preventing users to upload an eBook file because the upload session was stuck on "Your File is Uploading."
  • Cover Generating Issue - Fixed a bug that was preventing users to generate a cover because of the use of special characters (@, &, <, +, etc.) within the input fields.