Print Book Creation Start Step

Print Book - Hardcover or paperback book using a wide range of paper, color, and binding options. The most common print-on-demand book, perfect for a variety of projects.

Photo Book- Preserve memories or create a lookbook of your work with a hardcover photo book. Featuring the highest quality paper and rich color ink, our photo book products highlight the best of Lulu's print options.

Comic Book - Traditional comic book size with paperback binding. Bring your art to life with printing in black & white or rich color, including on the inside of the cover.

Magazine - Create beautiful magazines in full color. Features paper stock designed for magazines, paperback binding, and printing on the inside covers.

Yearbook - For schools and institutions, a print-on-demand yearbook means flexibility and customization while saving money. Enjoy the best printing and binding at a fraction of the cost.

Select a Goal:

Publish Your Book: Publish your Book to use any or all of our retail options to sell your Book.

  • Lulu Bookstore - Sell your Book in the Lulu Bookstore.
  • Lulu Direct - Sell your Book on your Woo-Commerce or Shopify store.
  • Global Distribution - Sell your Book through 40,000+ global retailers using Lulu's distribution service. Please note that a title page, copyright page, and ISBN are required.

Print Your Book: Create your Book and purchase copies for personal use. A listing will not be created. The creator will only have to utilize the Start Step, the Design Step, and the Review steps in order to create and finalize their project.

Book Details:

Project Title - Enter the title for the project here. Please note that the project title is not the publication's title. The project title will only appear in Lulu's system and on your My Projects page.

Book Language - Select the language of the publication you are creating. There is a drop-down menu with a long list of languages to choose from.

Book Category - Choose the category that our publication falls into. This is primarily for listing information in the Lulu Bookstore.