Print Book Pricing and Payees Step

Set a Retail Price:

If you wish to sell your publication, you will have the ability to set fixed prices for each currency or to set a revenue goal. The creator will be able to see the different pricing options and structure in the revenue tables provided in this section. 

There will be a revenue table for the Lulu bookstore and Global Distribution if it is selected as a Sales Goal in the Start Step. This table will break down the revenue structure to help explain how much revenue you will make at different price points based on the print cost, the distribution fee (if in Distribution), and Lulu’s share of the revenue.

Set Payees:

This section will allow you to assign a Payee Profile to the project. If this is your first project for retail sale, you will need to create a new Payee Profile. For reference, this will be where you can refer to payee information and manage your payee profiles, in case you need to make edits or changes in the future to your payment information. Fill out the following fields:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Country

  • State (If needed)

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • Postal Code

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Currency - used for payment options

Choose to be paid by Check or Paypal. Below is a brief description of both options:

Paypal: Add the Payee's PayPal Account email address and preferred currency. PayPal payments are made monthly with a minimum threshold of $5.00 USD or its equivalent.

Check: The Payee will receive payment by check in USD, mailed to the given address. Check payments are made quarterly with a minimum threshold of $20.00 USD.

Next, add their Tax-Related Information (Optional). Lulu is located in the United States and is subject to US tax laws. When we make a payment, we may be required to withhold default US income taxes for certain eligible sales. If the book is published with a free Lulu ISBN, US income taxes will be withheld on revenue earned from US sales unless a complete and valid tax form has been provided. You will need to consult a tax professional for any questions regarding your tax liability.

You can enter your SSN or their Non-US Tax ID number. Then upload an up-to-date Tax Form for your project. For US Residents, you will need to upload a completed and signed W-9 form. For International Residents, you will need to upload a completed and signed W8-BEN form. As mentioned, this is completely optional.