Ebook Creation Start Step

Select a Product Type: 

You will select the Print or Ebook product you wish to create. If you want to create an Ebook, you will need to select the Ebook option from the options presented.

Ebook - Create an ebook from your PDF, DOCX, or EPUB file ready for viewing on an e-reader, tablet, or smartphone.


Select a Goal: 

Publish Your Ebook: Publish your Ebook to use any or all of our retail options to sell your Ebook.

1. Lulu Bookstore - Sell your Ebook on the Lulu Bookstore.

2. Global Distribution - Sell your Ebook through 40,000+ global retailers using Lulu’s distribution service. Submitting to Global Distribution requires a one-time $4.99 fee.


Project Title: Enter the title for the project here. Please note that the project title is not the publication’s title. The project title will only appear in Lulu’s system and on your My Project page.

Book Language: Select the language of the publication you are creating. There is a drop-down menu of a long list of languages to choose from. Note that if you’ve chosen Global Distribution as a sales goal, you will only be able to select English as the language. We only accept English ebooks into our Global Distribution system.

Book Category: Choose the category that your publication falls into. This is primarily for listing information in the Lulu Bookstore.