Ebook Copyright Step

Title and Edition: 

Title: This will be the title of the publication. You will need to make sure that this Title matches the title on the cover image and your ebook file’s copyright page if you plan to be submit to our Global Distribution Network.

Subtitle (Optional): If the publication has a subtitle, youwill need to enter it here. Just like the Title of the publication, the subtitle needs to match the cover image and the ebook file’s copyright page if you plan to submit to our Global Distribution Network.

Edition (Optional): If the publication is part of a special edition of a series or release or type, enter that information here.

Edition statement (Optional): If you wish to expand on the type of edition the publication is, you can enter that information in this space.


Add all contributors that created the publication in this section. You will have to select a role, type the first name of the contributor, and then type the last name of the contributor. Do this for each contributor you wish to add to the publication.

Role: Select the role that the contributor played in creating the publication. A short list of roles includes Author, Co-Author, Illustrator, etc.

First Name: Enter in the first name of the contributor in this section.

Last Name: Enter in the last name of the contributor in this section.


Select the kind of Copyright license that is associated with their publication.

All Rights Reserved - Standard Copyright License

Some Rights Reserved - Creative Commons (CC BY)

Each Copyright license has different qualifications and meanings. Read through what each Copyright license means and pick the one that best relates to your publication or how you wish the Copyright license to be for your publication.


Use a free ISBN: Assign a “Free” ISBN given by Lulu for all publications that are eligible for Global Distribution. This ISBN is owned by Lulu Press and as such, Lulu Press will appear as the Imprint for all listings created for this publication.

I have my own ISBN: Assign an ISBN that you have bought from ISBN agencies outside of Lulu for the publication that you wish to create. You will need to provide all of the contact information that was used when you purchased the ISBN.

Proceed without ISBN: If you are not utilizing our Global Distribution option can click this option and proceed with the publication process. No ISBN will be assigned to the project. An ISBN is not required for projects that are being printed for personal use or for publications being sold only through Lulu’s Bookstore.