Ebook Details Step

Project Details:

Description: Add a book description for the listing of your publication here. You will need to have at least 50 characters in your book description.

Contributor Notes (Optional): If you wish to add notes, you can do so here.

Table of Contents (Optional): If you wish to add a table of contents in your listing, you can do so here.

Categories and Keywords:

Lulu Bookstore Category: Choose the category your book will fall into in the Lulu Bookstore.

BISAC Main Category: Assign a BISAC Category for your publication. The main option should be the most relevant category to your publication. If you know the BISAC code you wish to use you can type the code into this field. If you do not know the BISAC code, you will be able to search the list using keywords.

BISAC Category (2): Assign a second BISAC category using the same method described above. This is recommended, as the more categories selected, the easier it will be to find your publication on different retail channels’ catalogs.

BISAC Category (3): Assign a third category using the same method described above. This is recommended as well.

Keywords: At least one Keyword is required for all publications. If you wish to add more than one, which is recommended, you can do so by typing in the keyword and then adding a comma (,). This will add the Keyword to the list and then you can continue this process until all keywords have been added.


Select the primary audience for your publication. If the publication has explicit content, you must select the “This Book contains Explicit Content” box and select the reason for the explicit content warning.