Calendar Details

Project Details

In this step, you will describe your calendar and add other details so that readers can find and buy it online. Enter a brief description of your calendar. The text entered here will be displayed on your calendar’s product page in the Lulu Bookstore. Your calendar’s description introduces your calendar to buyers. Make sure your first impression is a good one by carefully proofreading the text.

Categories and Keywords

Think of categories as the labels on the bookshelves at your favorite bookstore. The categories applied to your calendar in this step determine the digital “bookshelf” on which your calendar will appear.

  • Lulu Bookstore Category: This is the category under which your calendar will be cataloged in the Lulu Bookstore.

  • BISAC Main Category: Book Industry Standards and Communication (BISAC) categories are the lists of standard book subjects. This category is used to catalog and “shelve” your calendar properly in online bookstores. Simply start typing a category and a list of matching options display for selection. You must choose or enter at least one main BISAC category.

  • BISAC Categories 2 and 3: Further refine your categories with additional categories and sub-categories.

  • Keywords: If someone was searching for your calendar, what search terms do you imagine they would use? Enter a list of keywords here, separated by commas. Use terms that are distinct and specific to your calendar and avoid general keywords that could describe any calendar.