Calendar Pricing and Payees

Set Retail Price

The retail price for your calendar is calculated by adding the production cost, retail fees, and  profit. There are two ways to set your retail price.

  • Enter a revenue goal per calendar sold. We’ll calculate and display the retail price per calendar in each currency.

  • Or, set a fixed list price in each currency. The list price must be greater than or equal to the displayed minimum price. We will calculate and display the revenue you can expect to earn in each currency.

Set Payees

If the sale of your calendar generates revenue, we need to know who gets it and where to send the payment. You can select from previously entered payees or click Create a New Payee to create a new payment profile. You may create payee profiles for everyone who will get paid from the sale of this calendar including yourself, co-authors, editors, illustrators, your publisher, agent, etc.

To create a new payee profile:

  1. Click Create a New Payee on the Prices and Payees screen.

  2. Enter Payee information.

  3. Select the currency in which you want to receive payment.

  4. Select payment options:

    1. PayPal - Requires an active PayPal account. Monthly payments are made directly to your PayPal account when revenue equals or exceeds $5.00 US dollars or the equivalent in your preferred currency.  

    2. Check - Quarterly payments are mailed to the Payee’s address when revenue equals or exceeds $20.00 US dollars or the equivalent in your preferred currency.

To complete tax-related information (optional):

  1. Enter your Social Security Number or Tax ID number depending on your country of residency.

  2. Download and complete the required tax forms: W-9 for US residents or W-8BEN for US non-residents.

  3. Upload the completed and signed forms or mail them to the displayed address.

  4. Standard US tax withholding will be applied to all revenue until completed tax forms are received.

Note: A tax form is not required to complete your publication.

Click Add Payee to complete the Payee profile.

You can add multiple payees for each project, but make sure you set and double check the percentage share of the revenue they will receive from each sale. The total of the shares must add up to 100%.