Calendar Review

Final Review

Note: If you cannot progress to this step, it is likely you missed a required step along the way. Please review all previous steps for missing information then return to this final step.

Carefully review each section. This is your last chance to make changes before completing the calendar creation process. If you discover something you would like to change, click the Revise button to return to that step. Once you make your updates, you can return to the final step by clicking the Review step in the page header.

As you review each section, check the confirmation box to indicate you have reviewed and approved the settings and selections.

Bookstore Preview

Creators now have the ability to display a preview of their calendars in the Lulu Bookstore for customers to see before purchasing.

To activate this feature, the calendar must be published. Once published, you can find the setting to enable this feature in the Retail and Publishing section of the Project Details.

Retail Options

This is the last choice you have to make before completing the creation and publishing process. The retail options in this step are determined by the choices you made previously.

  • No Option - If you chose to simply print your calendar, no retail options are displayed.

 If you chose to sell your calendar, you are presented with three availability options.

  • Private Access - only you can purchase this calendar from the My Project page in your Lulu account.

  • Select Access - this calendar can be purchased from the Lulu Bookstore; however, you will have to provide customers a direct URL to the calendar. They will not be able to find it by searching the bookstore. This type of access is great for specialty content, limited editions, pre-publication sales, or pricing promotions where you advertise and provide a link to your customers through social media, blog, or email advertising.

  • General Access - this calendar will be available for purchase in the Lulu Bookstore within minutes of publishing. Anyone in the Lulu Bookstore can search for, view, and purchase this calendar.

  • Lulu Direct: Use Lulu Direct to connect your new calendar to your ecommerce store. Get connected and start selling your calendar on your own site today!

When you click the Confirm and Publish to the Lulu Bookstore button, your calendar will be added to the Lulu Bookstore. 

Finally, click on Order copies of your calendar to get a proof copy.