Placing an order on Lulu is quick and easy whether you're a creator or a reader, a guest, or a registered user! 


How Do I Use the Shopping Cart?

You can view your shopping cart at any time by clicking the Cart icon, located at the top right of any page on

If you placed items in your cart during a previous shopping session and do not see a number displayed over the shopping cart icon, you are probably not signed in to your account.

  1. Click the My Account link to sign in to your account
  2. When you are signed in, click the Cart icon to view your previously selected titles
  3. To add more titles to your shopping cart, click the Continue Shopping button displayed to the right of your shopping list

To checkout:

  1. When you finish shopping, click the Cart icon
  2. Each title is listed in your cart with the quantity displayed
  3. Enter a new quantity for an item and the order subtotal will recalculate
  4. Click the trash can icon to remove a title from your cart and the subtotal will recalculate
  5. When you have added all the titles you need and adjusted the quantities as needed, click Checkout
  6. Enter in your shipping information. IMPORTANT: Address information must be entered in Latin characters to avoid shipping delays.
  7. Click the Discount field beneath your items to enter a discount code, then click on Apply. The discount will be applied to the sub-total.
  8. Click Continue to Shipping
  9. Click Choose Delivery Method
  10. Click Continue to Payment
  11. Enter your billing address
  12. Click Choose Payment Method to view the payment options and enter in your payment information. If you like, you can save your payment information for future use.
  13.  Review your order. If anything needs to be changed, click the Update Cart link, make your corrections, and begin the checkout process again.
  14. Click Pay Now to complete your purchase

Please Note: When paying for your order with Paypal, closing the payment popup box while it is loading may result in an error message. To complete your order, please try again without closing the popup window.

Some useful things to know:

  • The currency used in the Lulu Bookstore in which you are shopping determines the currency used to pay for your purchase
  • Books ordered from the Lulu Bookstore are printed as they are ordered. For more information on printing times, see: Printing: The Basics
  • If you choose, Lulu's shopping cart will save your payment, shipping, and billing information to speed checkout the next time you shop
  • Occasionally there are issues with processing credit card payments. If you receive an email telling you we were unable to authorize your payment method, click (or copy and paste) the link provided in the email and carefully re-enter your payment information.
  • You can review your past orders from the My Account > Order History page
  • Discount codes are case-sensitive and non-stackable
  • Discount codes override bulk discounts automatically applied to the cart
  • Discount codes can be limited to specific currencies and may not be available in all currencies

Where do I enter the discount code?

  • Coupon codes are entered on the first step of the checkout process
  • Coupon codes are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear. Also, verify the coupon expiration date and that it can be used for the product you are purchasing. For example, a print book coupon cannot be used when purchasing ebooks.
  • Discounts on are not applicable on Lulu Print API or Lulu Jr. Additionally, discounts cannot be combined with other offers and cannot be applied to previous orders.

Can I Place an Order Without a Lulu Account and View My Order Later?

Yes, you can place an order without registering on our site, although creating a Lulu account is completely free and provides the opportunity to view your entire order history, download past ebook purchases, and save your personal information for faster checkout. It also allows you to cancel an order within one hour if needed.

To view your order placed as a guest, follow the steps below:

  • Go to
  • Under the person's icon, select Order Lookup
  • Enter the order number, including the letters and numbers separated by a dash (ex: USD-123455) and the email address used to place the order
  • Click on View Order (Note: the email field is case-sensitive)

Can I Use a Purchase Order?

Lulu accepts purchase orders from reputable bookstores, government organizations, and educational entities. Use these instructions and the Credit Application (attached at the bottom) to ensure your purchase ordering is fast and easy.

To set up your account for purchase orders:

  1. Create a user account on
  2. Download and complete a credit application (Attached at the bottom)
  3. Submit your credit application form directly from our support page. Under I need help with, click Buying/My Orders. Choose Purchase Orders.
  4. Attach your completed credit application and your state sales tax exemption certificate as well as any additional required information
  5. Click Submit

Once your credit application is approved, a member of our finance team will email you instructions on how to place your order. You will not need to email or fax your Purchase Order to us.   

Can I Cancel or Make Changes to My Order?

An order of a PRINT book placed in a Lulu account can be canceled within one hour in your Lulu account under Order History. Once a print book order has been placed, we cannot make any changes to the source files, quantity, or shipping method for the order. We may be able to change the shipping address but cannot guarantee as it depends on the stage of the order. 

To request a change of shipping address, please contact our support team. Select Buying/My Order > Cancel/change my order in the dropdown. Provide the new shipping address in the description as the request is time-sensitive.

Order Payment Failed

If you receive a Payment Failure email, we were unable to process your order. You will need to re-enter your details by following the link provided in the email. Please verify your billing details before you re-enter your payment information.

Most often, payment failures are due to an improperly entered billing address. If your address includes an apartment or suite number, please use the Address 2 field to enter this information.

Note: If you do not re-enter your payment information, your order will not be processed.

How Do I Check the Status of an Order?

Registered users can check the status of any order by signing into their account, clicking My Account, and viewing their Order History. From there you can view order numbers, the date an order was placed, order status, and the total amount of each purchase. 

All users, including guest users, can check the status of an order using our Order Lookup and enter the order number and email address used to place the order.

Each order status is explained below:

  • Processing – We received your order and it is being reviewed.
  • Fulfilling – Your order has been queued for printing. Once the printing process is initiated, orders can no longer be canceled or modified.
  • Shipped – All items have been shipped; if your order was for an ebook, it is ready for download immediately.
  • Shipped Error – Part of your order has shipped.  Part of your order includes errors that will not ship.  
  • Partially Shipped – Part of your order has shipped. If you placed an order that includes both a print book and an ebook, your order status will display this status until the print book ships, after which the status will change to Shipped. Your ebook download is immediately available following purchase.
  • Refunded – All or part of your order has been refunded through your original payment method.
  • Canceled – Your order has been canceled. Please note there is only a brief window of opportunity to cancel an order once it has been submitted.
  • Error – All line items contain an error and will not ship. 

Where Is My Order?

If your order has taken longer than our estimated shipping and printing times to arrive, please contact our support department.

Why Didn't My Book Print?

Books that do not meet Lulu's Member Agreement, can be rejected by our print partners.

What is a UPP Order Line Item Error?

Commercial printers use RIP (Raster Image Processing) servers to convert PDF files into printable images. UPP Order Line Item Error, also known as a RIP Error is generated when a PDF file fails to process through the RIP server and cannot be printed. This error indicates there is something wrong with the file being processed, but unfortunately does not indicate the cause of the failure; however, we do know large file sizes, corrupt fonts or graphics, file code errors, and other corrupted data can cause the RIP to fail.

Can Lulu tell me what’s wrong with my PDF or help me fix it?

  • Lulu cannot provide specific information on what is wrong with a PDF that fails to RIP. Our print partners provide a simple error indicating which file caused the error. However, when a file causes a RIP Error, you will be sent an automated email, and a member of our support team will follow up with you shortly. If it would assist you, please reply back to this message, and we will be happy to run a few tests on your project to try and find out more about what caused it to fail if we are able to pinpoint the issue.
  • Lulu cannot always fix files that fail the RIP process. The best first step is to use the information below to make a new PDF.

Ways to minimize the chances of a RIP error:

  • Don’t let your file size get too large.
  • Crop images in a graphics program. Do not crop images in your page layout program, because the entire graphics file becomes part of the document, increasing file size and processing time.
  • Keep your document simple. Don’t use complex color blends and nested graphic images.
  • Don’t mix Type 1 and TrueType fonts in the same document.
  • Use preflight tools, if available, to catch common problems before uploading your file in the Publishing Tool.
  • Use reliable PDF creation software.
  • Use the correct settings.

How Do I Get An Invoice?

After placing an order, registered users can download an invoice from their Order History


To download an invoice from within your Lulu account:

  1. Sign in to your Lulu account using your email address and password.
  2. Click My Account to view your Order History.
  3. Locate the order and click View Details.
  4. Click on Download Invoice

All users, including guest users, can look up an order to download the invoice using our Order Lookup and enter the order number and email address used to place the order.

You can print the PDF from your own computer.

I Received the Wrong Book OR Book(s) Are Missing From My Order

If you received an item you didn't order, please go to > Contact Support and submit a support ticket.

If items are missing from your order, check your packing slip. If you don’t find the item(s) on the packing slip, it is possible that your order was printed at multiple facilities. Sign in to your Lulu account, go to My Account to view your Order History, and click on the order number in question. Check to see which items have shipped and which haven’t. Items should be separated by shipment. If items appear to be missing, please submit a support request at Help Center > Contact Support.

Damaged or Defective Items

If you receive your item and it is damaged or defective, please take a photo, go to > Contact Support, and submit a support request. Don't forget to attach your photo(s).

Please note that variance is normal in the print-on-demand process and can result in slight shifting in your content or variations in ink color/coverage. Please review our PDF Creation Settings to help determine if your item is damaged/defective or if you are seeing normal variance in the printing.

Return Policy

Print-on-Demand Books and Calendars

If you received damaged, defective, or incorrectly packaged items, we are happy to provide a replacement copy. Please notify us within 30 days of your order’s shipment date through our online Customer support form.

Please Note: Lulu accepts no responsibility for the quality of the content (including misspelled words, grammatical errors, etc.), formatting, design or overall book appearance and will not provide refunds for those reasons.


Ebooks are not returnable or refundable and cannot be exchanged after purchase. If you need assistance with a purchase or download, please contact Lulu Support.

Special Addresses


Before ordering, please take a moment to learn of any specific delivery restrictions. For example, prisons typically do not allow coil-bound books and require delivery via mail. 

Note: If an order is returned from a prison, Lulu will not refund or reorder.

Before ordering, please take a moment to learn of any specific delivery restrictions. For example, prisons typically refuse coil-bound books.


Deliveries to Russia or Ukraine

Due to factors beyond our control, Lulu cannot ship orders to Russia or Ukraine. 

I Revised My Book After Placing an Order. Will I Receive the Old or the New Version?

You will receive the version that was current at the time the order was placed. Revisions made after the book order was placed will not be reflected in that order. To receive the new version, you must place a new order. If your order is still within the one-hour cancellation window, you can cancel it and place a new order after publishing the revised book.