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How Do I Browse and Search for Content on Lulu?


Click Bookstore in the navigation bar to browse our vast library of print books, ebooks, calendars, and other products.

You can browse the Bookstore by categories like Arts & Photography, Cooking, History, and Humor. You can also browse by author, keyword, and other filtering options.

When you find something interesting in the Bookstore, click the title to view the product details. This page provides information about the work, including its availability, price, format, and often a preview provided by the author. Click the author's name to see more from this creator.


When looking for a specific book or subject, click the Search icon at the top of the page. Type in a title, keyword, author, etc., and press ENTER.

You can search by:

  • Title and/or Creator – If you know the exact title or author name, you can use this filter. Please note that it is exact and any misspellings may cause an issue when searching for a title.
  • Rating - Many Lulu books have ratings and reviews added by our customers; this filter will allow you to select items that have specific rating levels.
  • Language (and/or country of publication) – By default, search results are returned based on the language associated with the Lulu.com account and the store in which you are shopping. Books in other languages matching your search criteria also display - just further down the list. If you do not see the book you're looking for, you can narrow your options by selecting a different language.
  • Date – Want to find something that’s new or newly revised? Use the date filter to find projects that have been published in a specific date range. 

How Do I Buy My Own Book on Lulu?

Sign in to your Lulu account, go to My Projects, locate your book, and add it to your shopping cart. 

We will automatically apply your author discount, which allows you to purchase your print book at manufacturing cost (print cost.) Then proceed to checkout.

If your author’s discount is not applied to your shopping cart, make sure you are signed into the Lulu.com account you used to create and publish the book.

Note: Authors can click the icon next to Select or General Access status of the project panel on their project overview page to order directly from the bookstore listing as well.

Project Panel for project Alice in Wonderland with red arrow pointing towards icon that has an arrow pointing out of a box

This option is not available for projects in Private Access. For projects in Private Access, authors can proceed to the Review step by clicking Revise on the Projects Overview and Projects Details pages, and then clicking the button Add to Cart or Order Copies of Your Book.

You can also purchase your book from the Project Details page by clicking on Add To Cart.

Review Posting Guidelines

Lulu wants to hear what you have to say. Your comments and reviews are helpful to the content creator and potential buyers. Please follow these guidelines when writing your review:

What to include:

  • Focus only on the content and its context.
  • Include the reasons why you liked or disliked the content.
  • Compare reviewed content to other published titles.

What not to include:

  • HTML Tags
  • Spoilers! (No one likes to hear the ending...)
  • Time-sensitive material (i.e. promotional tours or other engagements)
  • Comment on other reviews visible on the page. Other reviews and their positions on the page are subject to change without notice.
  • Profanity, obscenities, vulgarities, or spiteful remarks.
  • Single-word reviews. We want to know why you liked or disliked it.
  •  Phone numbers, mail addresses, URLs.
  • Availability, price, or alternative ordering/shipping information.
  • Solicitations for helpful votes
  • Name, email address, or other similar information.

Note: Lulu reserves the right to remove any comment at any time without notice.

How Does Lulu Make Recommendations?

Recommendations help customers find more products that might interest them; Lulu provides recommendations on most product pages.

For an item to be recommended on another product's page, the items must have been purchased together at least twice.

Recommendations are a random selection of three of the top five products most purchased at the same time as the one being viewed.

Lulu never includes works set to Private or Select Access in product recommendations.

Why Can’t I Find the Content I’m Looking For?

If the creator sets content access to Private or Select Access, you can neither search for nor view the content. If you know the creator, contact them directly to request access.

How Many Contributors Are Listed on the Bookstore?

Our Bookstore will show up to two contributors underneath the title. All contributor names are listed under the book Details.