Have you ever discovered a new book from your favorite indie author in the Lulu Bookstore only to discover it is not yet available in the iBookstore or Barnes & Noble? You no longer have to wait for the ebook’s worldwide release because now you can shop, purchase, and download ebooks (EPUB and PDF) to your iPad or Nook directly from the Lulu Bookstore.

Simply add your ebook selections to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. Within a few minutes, your purchased ebooks will be displayed on your My Account > Order History page. You will also receive a link to download the ebook by email after the order confirmation.


How To Download to Your iPad

  1. Click Download to transfer your ebook (EPUB or PDF) to your iPad.
  2. Click Open in… to select a previously downloaded eReader application. Or, click Open in “iBooks” to add the ebook directly to your iBookshelf.
  3. Tap the book on your iBookshelf to start reading.

How To Download to Your Nook

  1. Click Download to transfer your ebook to your Nook.
  2. Click the Nook button and select Library from the Quick Nav bar.
  3. Select My Stuff and choose My Files from the dropdown list.
  4. Select the My Downloads folder and tap the book title to start reading.

I Purchased an Ebook and I Want To Read It on My Kindle

Lulu creates and publishes ebooks in the standard EPUB format. If you have a Kindle, which reads ebooks in MOBI format, you can still download and read a Lulu ebook in a few easy steps.

  1.     From your laptop or computer, choose and purchase your Lulu ebook.
  2.     Download and save the EPUB file.
  3.     Go to https://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-mobi
  4.     Upload the EPUB file for conversion.
  5.     Download and save the converted MOBI file.
  6.     Attach your USB connection from your Kindle Reader to your Computer.
  7.     Move the MOBI file to your Kindle Documents directory.
  8.     Your new book will be available for selection from your Kindle bookshelf.

Calibre also supports EPUB to MOBI file conversion.

How to Read an Ebook

You just bought an ebook from the Lulu Bookstore, now how do you read it? One word at a time of course! Follow these tips for the best ebook experience.

What Types of Ebooks Can I Buy in the Lulu Bookstore?

Lulu.com authors can create and sell ebooks in either PDF or EPUB format. The ebook’s file format determines how you open the file:

  • EPUB: This is a standardized electronic publication format featuring reflowable text suitable for use on most eReader devices except the Amazon Kindle, which uses the MOBI ebook format (see above for Kindle instructions). EPUB files can also be opened and read on your computer or laptop if you have installed eReader software, such as the free Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions readers.
  • PDF: This is a file that can be downloaded, opened, and viewed on your computer, laptop, or tablet, using the free Adobe Reader. All eReader devices (Kindle, NOOK, iPad, Kobo, etc.) can also open PDF files once the file is added to your eReader’s library.

How Do I Know if an Ebook Is in PDF or EPUB Format?

When you are purchasing an ebook in the Lulu Bookstore you will see either ebook (EPUB) or ebook (PDF) displayed above the book cover.

  • Ebook (EPUB):  You are purchasing an EPUB ebook that can be read from either an eReader or eReader software such as the free Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions readers.  
  • Ebook (PDF): You are purchasing a PDF ebook that can be read using Adobe Reader.

How Do I Read My Ebook on My Computer or Laptop?

Once the purchase is complete, you can download your ebook from the email we send by clicking on the download link. If you have a Lulu.com account, you can also download your ebook by going to My Account > Order History. Simply find the title, click View Details, and click on Download Ebook.

To open a PDF file on your computer, laptop, or tablet, simply double-click on the PDF file and it will open in Adobe Reader.

To open an EPUB file on your computer or laptop, right-click on the book title, choose Open with, and select your preferred ebook reader application. If you have not installed an ebook reader on your computer, laptop, or tablet, there are several free eReaders that can be downloaded from the Internet. See below for a list of popular options. 

When I Try To Open an Ebook on My Laptop, I Get an Error Message

When you purchase an ebook in EPUB format and download it to your computer, laptop, or tablet, you will notice the file name ends with EPUB (BookTitle.epub). If you plan to read this ebook on your computer, laptop, or tablet you must download and install an eReader application. 

Click on the links below to download free eReader software:

Note: The Adobe Reader is intended for reading PDF files. Attempting to open an EPUB file in Adobe Reader will result in a “corrupted file” error message.

Once an eReader application is installed, simply right-click on the ebook’s file name, choose Open with, and select your ebook reading software. The book will be added to the application’s ebook library. Then just click on the title and start reading. 

Helpful Hint: Once you add your first ebook to the eReader application, you can choose to always open these types of files (EPUB) using this software. If you choose this option, your ebooks will automatically be added to your reader library when you purchase, download, and open a new ebook. As an added bonus, you can also open PDF files using these ebook readers, which means you can keep all your ebooks (PDF and EPUB) in one library.

I Can’t Remember if My Ebook Was a PDF or EPUB. What Can I Do?

If you are unable to locate a previously downloaded file, that’s not a problem. Sign in to your Lulu.com account, click on My Account, and go to your Order History. Your purchases, including ebooks, are listed on your order history page. Simply find the title, and click on the ebook title. As in the Bookstore, your ebook’s file type is displayed along with the book cover, title, and author name.

I Purchased an Ebook a Long Time Ago and Now I Cannot Open It

Prior to January 15, 2013, a Lulu author may have chosen to apply Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to their PDF or EPUB file. If so, the file must be initially accessed using a registered copy of Adobe Digital Editions (ADE), a free downloadable application that is different from the widely used Adobe Reader.

Ebook Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Print My Ebook?

Most ebooks may be printed at home with software that supports printing ebooks such as Adobe Digital Editions. 

How Many Times Can I Download an Ebook?

There is no limit to the number of times an ebook purchased from the Lulu Bookstore can be downloaded. Click on My Account > Order History to access previously purchased ebooks.  As long as your account is active, your purchased ebooks will remain accessible.

How Do I Transfer an Ebook to a Handheld Device?

You will need to transfer or synchronize your ebook to your device (eReader, iPhone/iPod/iPad, tablet, etc). If you are having trouble synchronizing your device, consult the device instructions.

What if My Ebook Does Not Download Properly?

Firewall settings and connectivity problems as well as the ebook file itself can result in improper downloading of ebooks. Check your connection and firewall settings. If you still have an issue downloading the ebook, please contact our Customer Support team.

Why Doesn’t the Download Button Seem To Be Working?

The Download button causes the file to load in your browser window, therefore you must take the additional step of saving the file onto your computer using your browser's File > Save command.

An alternative to directly clicking the Download button is as follows:

  1. Right-click the Download button. (Control + click for Macs)
  2. From the menu, select Save Target Link As.
  3. Navigate to the directory where you want to save the file.
  4. Click OK.

The dialog box displays the download progress and an estimate of the time remaining to complete the download.