The Project Overview page lets you all of the information regarding your project at a glance. To access the Project Overview page for a project, all you need to do is click on the title from your Projects Overview List.


Project Details

The first section on the Project Overview page will detail the following information:

  • The title of your project
  • The current version and Project ID
  • When the content was created
  • When the content was last modified
  • Project Specifications
  • Print Cost
  • List Price (if in General or Select Access)
  • The access status of your content on the Lulu Bookstore (Private, Select, or General)
    • Please note: The access status of your content on the Lulu Bookstore does not affect Global Distribution.
  • Buttons for quick actions
    • Revise: This button can be clicked to start a revision and make changes to your project.
    • Add to Cart: This button can be clicked to add the book to your cart.
    • Print Ready Files: This button can be clicked to download the print-ready files for the interior and cover of the current published version.
      • Please note if you are in the middle of a revision, the files downloaded will be the previously published files. The print-ready files are only updated when a revision is completed.
    • Source files: This button can be clicked to download the source files that were uploaded for the current published version.

In this first section of the Project Overview is also included a Version History. The Version History allows you to view the previous version's specs, previous list price, the Lulu Bookstore Access, and to download the print-ready and source files included in that version. The book specifications, previous list price, and Lulu Bookstore Access are included as well. 

In this section, you can review all of the copyright details for your project:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Contributors (authors, editors, etc)
  • ISBN (only if Global Distribution is selected)
  • Imprint
  • Edition
  • Edition Statement
  • Copyright License
  • Copyright Holder
  • Copyright Year
  • Add Copyright Info Button: This button can be clicked if you wish to edit your copyright information. You will be directed to the copyright step in the publishing process and asked to confirm the changes on the Review step. 

Promotional Information

In this section, all of the information that helps your content become discoverable such as description, keywords, etc. can be found here:

  • Description
  • Contributor Notes (Important only for retail listings)
  • Table of Contents: Authors have the option to list the chapters of their book. This can help draw in potential customers. 
    • Please note that the Table of Contents will only appear on Retail listings, not 
  • Lulu Bookstore Category
  • BISAC Main Category: A properly chosen BISAC category is important for discoverability. 
    • To learn more about BISAC categories, please review this article.
  • BISAC Category 2
  • BISAC Category 3
  • Keywords
  • Audience
  • Explicit Content: If your content is rated as Explicit, there will be a “Yes” value here. If it is not, there will be a “No” value. 
  • Add Promotional Info Button: This button can be clicked if you wish to be directed to the Details section of the publishing process. You can edit the Details step to update keywords and the other information listed in this section. 

Pricing & Payees

This section is made of two parts. First, the information regarding the pricing, and second, the information regarding the payees.

In the Pricing section, you can review the List Price and Revenue in each currency. Revenue is displayed for the Lulu Bookstore and for Retail Channels if Global Distribution was selected for your project. Note that we display minimum prices based on retailer markups, particularly important for print books.

Note: Currency conversion rates fluctuate daily and can affect how much revenue you will earn.

Authors can click the Revise Pricing button to be redirected to the Pricing and Payees step in the Publishing Tool. Once authors have made the desired updates to their pricing or payee information, they can confirm the changes on the Review step. 

In the Payee section, authors can review what Payee is assigned to the current book, the contact email, and what share the payee owns over the revenue. To view more information regarding the Payee, the author will need to click the Revise Pricing button located at the top of this section. 

Retail and Publishing

This section shows the access level set for your book (Private, General, Select) and its Global Distribution status. 

- Private Access: Your project is only accessible to you and is not listed in the Lulu Bookstore.
- Select Access: Your book can be purchased from the Lulu Bookstore ONLY if you provide customers with a direct link or URL to the book. They will not be able to find it by searching the Bookstore or your Author Spotlight page. Only customers with the link can purchase your book
- General Access: Your project is available publicly on the Lulu Bookstore for purchase. 

To make changes, click on the Revise Retail and Publishing button. We'll show below some examples of messages that might appear depending on the type of product and status of Global Distribution.

For ebooks, the ebook distribution fee status will be displayed. If you have not paid it yet, you can click on Pay Ebook Distribution Fee to do it and get your ebook into the review queue.

Once it is paid, you will see this message:

For print books, you can view the distribution status and approve the proof copy to get your book sent to the retailers. When your book needs to be approved, you will see this message:

Once it is approved, you will see this message:

If your book is not in Global Distribution, you will see this message:

Retire This Book

In this section, authors have the ability to retire their project from all channels, if they desire to do so. Authors can also retire content under the Projects Overview List as well. 

Note: It takes 6-8 weeks for print books to become unavailable for purchase and 6-8 weeks for ebooks to be removed from retail channels.