Author Spotlight is still a page dedicated to sharing more about you and your books. It’s the perfect way to organize your books and gives your readers a place to find everything you’ve published. 

Let’s take a little closer look at our new Author Spotlight page.


Promote Your Work

Your Author Spotlight is listed under Promote Your Projects. If you created a Spotlight on our old site, you should see information about Unpublishing or Revising your Spotlight.

If you haven’t created a Spotlight before, you’ll see this:

Click the button and get started creating your Spotlight!

If you don't have a project in General Access, but rather in Private and/or Select Access, you will not be able to create an Author Spotlight. In that case, you will see:

Place your project in General Access if you wish to create an Author Spotlight.

Author Spotlight Features

As of today, our Author Spotlights are pretty simple. We want to keep the focus on you and your publications. So we didn’t add a lot of bells and whistles to the page. 

Here’s the first half of the information you’ll be able to enter:

The first thing you’ll do is name your Spotlight. I suggest your author name or if you’re a publisher, that name. Please note that this does not have to match your account information; use a pen name or company name if you’d like!

The spotlight link will act as a Vanity URL, which is a clear, descriptive, and customized link that you will be able to share as part of your author brand with any marketing strategies you may pursue.

Please note: If you have an Author Spotlight that was created on our old platform, the link will redirect visitors to the updated page - Please check your spotlight link and update it as needed as old links may no longer connect.

The description should give us a brief overview of you, your work, and anything we should know about you. Note that the description is text only; no HTML or hyperlinks.

You'll also be able to add a meta description, which is a brief summary of the webpage shown below the link when it is pulled up in results from online search engines, like Google. We recommend keeping the description between 50–160 characters to prevent anything from being cut off.

Finally, upload a graphic! You can use a headshot or a logo for your publishing company. This image will appear in a circle to the left of your Spotlight Name and Description, so be sure to use something that will fit well.

The second half is where you list your website URL and social handles, as well as select a default view for your projects. You can sort them by date published and price. 

Author Spotlights In Action

Once you’ve added all your information and clicked Save & Publish you’ll see the details you entered, along with some options.

You have the option to Unpublish, Revise, or Copy the link. Unpublished Spotlights can be viewed, edited, and re-published.

Here’s a Spotlight, made just for this example:

Spotlight Improvements

The Author Spotlights of today are just the first step in our improved spotlight pages. Over time we’ll release new features and options for you to sort your books, highlight specific titles, and more.

Be sure to create (or revise) your Spotlight today so readers can find you and your books on the Lulu Bookstore!