The time has finally come. You've been asking about it, and we've listened. 

Lulu Authors who are selling their projects in the Lulu Bookstore or through Distribution are now able to create their own promotions (discounts) for those projects. 

Please Note: During the dates that you implement this promotion, all revenue made during this time from the project selected will reflect a decrease than your regular (non-promotional) revenue. Print cost and Lulu's 20% will still be taken out before you are given your final revenue from each purchase.

Author promotions are sent to distribution channels when the author creates the promotion, not when the promotion starts. This is to give distribution channels time to process the pricing changes before it takes effect.

We suggest that authors create promotional prices months in advance (for distribution channels) to give them enough time to process the new prices.

You can set these promotions up on your My Projects page:

When you get to your My Projects page you will need to go to the project you wish to discount. Once you pick which project, you should arrive at your Project Details page:

Once you arrive at this screen you will want to scroll down until you see Promotional Pricing then click Create Promotion:

You can decide if your promotion will last for 1-30 days, but you can only run one promotion at a time. During the time of your promotion, you cannot update your list price. A promotion must be scheduled at least 14 days in advance of the date that you want it to start.

Just like when you set your prices for your project, you will need to set a price for your promotion. The promotion price cannot be lower than the minimum price listed. You will receive a notice when you have not met the pricing requirements.

Once you have selected your price you will need to apply the promotion. Again, this must be done 14 days before you would like the promotion to go live.

Once this is all completed, you will see the confirmed promotion scheduled. 

Creator revenues from all distribution channels (Lulu, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBookstore, etc.) are displayed on the Sales & Payments tab of the My Projects page of your account. There you can view your sales history and your total estimated unpaid revenue prior to any tax withholding based on today's currency conversions.

You will see the promotional price listed in your sales report.

Please Note: The Interior File or Book Specifications can't be updated while a Promotional Price is scheduled or active.