Using requires providing personal information to create an account and to complete book orders. Our Privacy Policy details the exact information we collect and allows you to modify your privacy settings. All personal information, payment data, and files you upload to Lulu are managed in a secure manner. 

Want to learn about how Lulu has been helping authors print and publish for 20 years? Check out our About Us page for insights into our history and how we work to make publishing and selling books easier for everyone. Lulu has helped more than 2 million authors publish their content and make it available to customers around the world.


Is Lulu Safe?

Lulu’s site is secured by standard HTTPS protocols. and all subpages on the Lulu domain pass Google’s Safe Browsing test and can be viewed here:

Lulu does not sell or otherwise provide third parties with your personally identifiable information. Your account information is safely maintained by Lulu in compliance with our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Are Purchases On Lulu Secure?

Payment information used while shopping on the Lulu Bookstore is secured by Adyen. This includes SSL protection and PCI compliance for all credit card transactions.

To learn more about how Adyen secures your transactions, please review Adyen's PCI Compliance information.

Is It Safe To Upload My File?

When you use Lulu to print or publish a book, you must upload print-ready files (for print books) or an interior and cover file (for ebooks). These files are securely maintained on Lulu’s servers and are not accessible by any person or individual outside of Lulu, except when necessary per our current Terms & Conditions.

How do we Pay our Creators?

Lulu does not pay advances against an author’s future work or potential sales. Instead, authors are paid based on the actual sales of their published content. Lulu pays creator revenues by either paper check or directly into a PayPal account. Check out our Creator Revenue Guide for more details on how we disperse royalties to our creators.