When publishing a book, whether print or digital, an important part of the process is knowing how to utilize the platform you have chosen to publish with! This article covers the basics of publishing on Lulu.


What Types of Files Can I Upload?

Files accepted for books:

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

Files accepted for ebooks:

  • EPUB (electronic publication)
  • PDF (Portable Document Format)

Files accepted for book covers:

  • JPG (Joint Photographics Expert Group)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphic)
  • PDF (Only for One-Piece Covers)

Files accepted for calendars:

  • PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • JPG (Joint Photographics Expert Group)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphic)

Why Can’t I Upload My Book Content as a Word Document (DOC or DOCX)?

With years of experience, we have determined that uploading PDFs for print book interiors preserves the integrity of your content. This allows you to make any necessary edits and formatting changes to your file before you start building your book in the Publishing Tool.

In most cases, the application you used to create your interior content has the capability of saving the file as a PDF.

How Do I Enter a Title, Subtitle, and Author for My Book?

While creating your project, you will be asked to enter the identifying information, or metadata, for your book. This includes the following:

  • Start Page - Enter your book title in the Project Title field.
  • Copyright Step - Enter your subtitle and all contributors you would like to recognize on the book cover. This may include contributors such as the author, translators, illustrators, editors, etc.).

How Do I Set the Retail Price of My Book?

Print Books

You will set the retail price of your book on the Pricing and Payees step. The minimum retail price will be displayed. You can then choose to either add a set amount of revenue per book or set a fixed list price.

The pricing step includes a real-time calculator to help you work through the retail price and revenue combinations in all supported currencies. You may set any price equal to or greater than the minimum retail price.

Minimum Wholesale Price = Production Cost + Revenue + Lulu Commission

If you are selling your book through Lulu’s Global Distribution partners, you will also see pricing and revenue for online retail sites. In this case, It may be simpler to set a retail price and let Lulu calculate your revenues.

On the retail pricing step, you can:

  • Enter a Retail Print price and Lulu calculates your revenue and the Lulu commission.
  • Enter a Target Revenue amount and Lulu calculates the retail price and the Lulu commission.
  • Enter $0 in the Revenue field to reset the price back to the minimum.

IMPORTANT: The retail price is a suggested retail price. You have the option of pricing your book even higher, which will allow for more revenue per book; however, if the book is overpriced or "priced out of market," it may not sell as many copies as it would at a lower price.

Once your Book is published, you can view and edit your retail pricing.

To edit your book price:

  1. Go to My Projects and click the Revise button for the project title.
  2. Click Pricing and Payees in the project header.
  3. Update prices as needed and continue to the Final Review step where you can review and accept the price change.
  4. Review and confirm each section.
  5. Click Publish to update your online book prices.


Once you have uploaded your ebook and entered your book's details, you can set the price and choose the retail sites on which you would like to sell your book. Our retail price calculator allows you to offer your ebook for free or any price above $0.99.

Note: If you deselect Lulu from the distribution list, your ebook will be published in Private Access. It will not be displayed in the Lulu bookstore and will not be returned in search results.

You may notice that your revenue amounts change based on the retail sites you select to distribute your book. That is because some retailers (Lulu, Apple, and Barnes & Noble) act as sales agents meaning they sell your ebook at the price you set and then take a commission based on that price. Other retailers (Amazon and Kobo) operate as resellers. This means they pay the wholesale price to a distributor when your ebook sells. Since these retailers are buying your book from an intermediary at a set price, they can resell your ebook at any price they like, including a discounted price. Under the reseller model, you will always make the same revenue as displayed in the retail pricing step for each ebook sold by that retailer, regardless of the sale price.

Once your ebook is published, you can view and edit your ebook's retail pricing and distribution options from the My Projects page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you select Kobo and/or Kindle distribution, Barnes & Noble converts to the reseller revenue model.

Can I Send My Files to Lulu Instead of Uploading Through The Site?

Lulu does not accept files by any method other than files uploaded on our site.

Can I Upload or Store My Files Before I Start the Publishing Process?

No. Lulu does not provide file storage services.

Can I Enter HTML in the Book Description Field?

HTML is not allowed in the description field. You can, however, add links to other sites including social media accounts from your author spotlight page.

Can I Receive Some Help Creating My Project on Lulu.com?

Yes, we offer a Publishing Assistant program that can help you navigate the creation tool on our site. For more information, see this article, or email publishingassistant@lulu.com.