Once a project is published, as the creator you have control over all aspects of the content, availability, and details and can make changes whenever you like!


To Revise Your Published Book:

  1. Go to My Projects (sign-in required)
  2. Click Revise for the project you need to update
  3. Update the information as needed and/or replace your files
  4. Ensure all steps are marked with a green checkmark
  5. Go to the Review step and confirm the new project specifications
  6. Publish your updated project
  7. Purchase and review a proof copy (required for books using Global Distribution)

Changing the Project Options

Opening a revision launches the publishing process. All files and information you previously entered is saved, but you will have the opportunity to update your file(s).

On the Design step, you will have the opportunity to make changes to the interior color, paper type, and binding options.

Please note: If you've created a book for distribution (applied an ISBN), you may be limited to other distribution eligible formats. 

Once the book is approved for distribution, you will not be able to change any of the following:  
  • Title
  • Author
  • Binding Type
  • Trim Size
  • Interior Color
  • Paper Type

Editing a Project With an ISBN

A new ISBN is required when:

  • You make significant changes to any part or parts of a published work, such as adding, moving, or removing blocks of text and/or chapters.
  • You change the title or subtitle of a previously published work.
  • You substantially change the cover design (to the extent that customers would view your book as a new product).
  • You create and publish your work in a new product format (hardcover, paperback, ebook, etc.).
  • You create and publish your work in a new trim size (change the book’s dimensions).
  • You create and publish an ebook in a different file format such as EPUB or PDF.
  • You publish with another publisher or under a new imprint.
  • You issue a translated version of your published work.

You do NOT need a new ISBN when:

  • You change the price.
  • You make minor corrections (spelling, grammar, typos) to an existing edition.
  • You make minor changes to the cover design of a newly published work or the change is intended to provide a marketing boost.