OpenOffice for PC and Mac includes the same settings and functionality.

To use the Quick PDF export option:

Using this method you cannot choose the page range, image quality, or other options. The file will export using default PDF settings.

  1. Click the Export Directly as PDF icon to export the entire document using the default PDF settings
  2. Enter a filename
  3. Select a location to save the PDF file
  4. Click Save to export the file

To export and choose PDF file options:

  • Go to File > Export as PDF

  • The PDF Options dialog opens:
    • General tab: Select Lossless compression or JPEG compression with a Quality of 100%. Reduce image resolution to 300 ppi and select PDF/A-1.
    • Initial View tab: Select Page only and set Magnification and Page Layout to Default
    • User Interface tab: Set Bookmarks to All bookmark levels. Deselect all other options
    • Links tab: Set Cross-Document links to Default. Deselect all other options
    • Security tab: Deselect all options

  • Click Export.
  • Enter the filename and location to save the PDF.
  • Click Save to export the file.