What is the Lulu Cover Tool?

We are excited to announce that Lulu is offering our own Cover Creation Tool. This tool will allow you to create your own cover from within the Book Creation Tool. You will be able to add images, text, and shapes as well as an ISBN barcode to the cover.


If you are unsure where to begin with the design of your cover, you can use one of our templates to get you started. Click on the template button on the toolbar, and you can select from the options we offer.

Click on the template to add it to your cover. Once you have added the template, you can then edit and manipulate the text, shapes, and images.

Adding and Editing Images

From the toolbar on the left side, click on the Images button to begin adding images to the cover tool.

Once you have added the image, you can then click the image to bring it over to the panel and begin cropping/resizing the image. Clicking on the button at the top of the image allows you to rotate the image and clicking on the corners will allow you to expand the size of the image.

The built-in crop tool allows you to resize the image and change the location from within the cover borders.

Step 1: Double-click the image

Step 2:Adjust the image size and position within the borders

Step 3: Click outside of the image to finish cropping

Once you have the image in the correct location for your cover, then you can begin adding text and shapes.

Editing Text and Shapes

Once you have your text in your desired font and size, you can add the text box and move it around. With the text tool, you can change the font, size, and also the spacing with the Options button.

The Position option in the toolbar allows you to align the text, lock it, or change the location of the layers.

After selecting a shape and resizing it, you can align the shape or lock it from the position toolbar. You can also add text boxes into shapes.

You can adjust the opacity of the shapes from the Opacity menu after clicking on the shape.

You can also adjust the stroke of the shape and the color of the stroke by clicking on the icon shown here.

Group Image Selection

The cover tool now offers the ability to select and manipulate groups of images at one time.  All you need to do is hold down the Shift key when selecting the group of images that you wish to manipulate.

ISBN and Barcode

If you have already set up your ISBN in the Copyright step of the creation tool, you can add the ISBN barcode to the cover using the ISBN button.

Adding an ISBN Barcode is a 2 way communication with the project. The the ISBN info will be pulled from the project if you have already entered it in the Copyright step of the creation tool. If you have not added the ISBN already, it can be added at this point when creating the cover.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Cover Tool does offer some handy keyboard shortcuts for users. The list of shortcuts can be found by clicking the Shortcut button at the bottom right of of the Cover Creator page.


The cover tool will automatically be populated with all of the margin, bleed, folds, and trim guides on. You can turn these off at any time to see what the cover looks like without any guides.

Finalizing Cover PDF

Before you finalize your cover, you have the option to preview the image without any guides to ensure that it looks perfect. Click the Preview Cover button on the bottom right to see what it will look like.

Once you are happy with the design, you can exit the preview and generate the cover.

The cover will then be added to the project in the Design step and you will be able to see the full book in the preview section.

Once you've generated your cover, you'll be redirected to your project or you can click the Back to Project button to preview the entire book, and from there you can also download the print-ready files to ensure the cover looks as expected.